The Funnest

http://canone.org/wp-login.php?action=register One of the joys of playing on the street is sharing something that can really inspire others or lighten up their day. The Never Ending Story Theme.

“The song was composed by Giorgio Moroder with lyrics by Keith Forsey, although it (and other electronic pop elements of the soundtrack) is not present in the German version of the film, which features Klaus Doldinger‘s score exclusively. ” wikipedia

Ever since I one day just thought to give this a cover. I’ve had a lot of magical moments. I’ve had singers sing the whole song with me. Singers that I always admired from a far and now we are mutual fans of each other.

I’ve had people put share performances on-line or put on peoples stories. And It all really just stemmed from. Wanting to really share an uplifting tune.

This always makes people smile.

Recently I had listened to a podcast by With Tami Stronach (The Childlike Empress) and Jon Lee Brody and I felt a very similar connection to their stories of growing up in a mixed of culture.

“Asking for a friend With Jon Lee Brody, Season 1 Episode 3: Asking for Tami Stronach”

It really shone a light on how we can really be more empowered in our differences.

The power of creativity and imagining that things are possible is perhaps the take away I got from the eighties.

It made me smile when Tami said I have so much respect for Vegans.

I have gone through a lot of conversations in the last while lets just say I’ve gone through a certain amount of trolling. But I really have to speak for what I believe. And then I just decided to take a break from speaking on the topic and rather leading by example. As I have been trolled and attacked by random strangers for talking about that add I saw about Lambs and Veal adds during Christmas. Funny that I’m being told not to share about a baby lamb as being very political. But really I realize if these “Intelligent” People just don’t see the connection. I have to wonder why. Unless they just choose not to.

Lately though I’ve been engaging in conversations to tell me I’m not here to just be a casual observer.

I feel great, I’m mostly happy, I don’t feel heavy and basically I know I’m not contributing to another creatures misery.

Lately I’ve been inspired to share and reach out and appreciate. I’m inspired to share my story and journey in future posts.

At the end of the day if I’ve inspired people I’m happy.