http://tsjdl.org/donate/ Here I am playing a couple months ago.

The past few times I attempted to enjoy story time on here I had this mild hump of a problem. Funny that the solution being just do it on your phone and connect a wireless keyboard.

Among other worlds that cause one to feel thwarted in your excitement would be other technological mishaps. Of having a hard drive just die on you. So thankfully I salvaged a lot of work from several SD Cards and computer hard drive parts.

If anything even puzzles myself in the process it would be that this only adds to fuel to push through this. Digital mishaps.

Ever since last I thought to share. I changed my mind and then got busy creating, and kind of forgot to stay on top of this.

Strangely enough I had a lot written and organized and if there’s a lesson which parallels with that of feeling the moment and playing it would be this.

When I feel like writing technology failed. So now that I have it going again. I might as well communicate.

I had a beautiful day playing today. I explored more sonic textures and stereo landscapes.

I had a great amount of warmth with people saying they had not seen me in a while and that’s true.

I get so lost in the energy or creation that I lack a severe amount of sleep sometimes.

On the positive note, Are blogs real life rambles? Or are they rambles in the positive.

I was told more than twice I had a positive outlook on life. I can really feel happy with that one because I really do set out to uplift. Many people may take the point of view this is not realistic.

I spoke to a man today about how I do have the awareness to choose. He said that good people are people whom stay in gratitude and remember moments where another higher power or creator saved their life or pointed the way out of danger.

I found that an interesting conversation. He said good people remember those times that they intuitively found their way out of danger and bad people go through the same thing but have no memory of putting themselves in harms way and expects to be lifted out of it every time.

That’s a pretty funny two sides of the coin.

Forcing myself to write is kind of like forcing yourself to play. I still feel how interesting this is that my life has been built on playing and that it’s gotten some positive reflection. I feel a great sense of peace with that. Lesser taking that for granted. I appreciate it even more when I haven’ played anywhere in a while an see myself as rusty.

But when I just close my eyes and let the sound happen. I love that true place and that’s where I live.